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Forum Deutsch

Forum Deutsch ist die Verbandszeitschrift aller kanadischen Deutschlehrer und wurde 1989  zum ersten Mal im Druckformat herausgegeben. Dieses Format wurde am 7. Februar 2008 durch ein elektronisches Format ersetzt. Das e-journal Forum Deutsch wird zweimal jährlich erscheinen und beinhaltet als Novum die gesonderte Rubrik Forschungsforum, die Forschungsbeiträge enthält. In der Rubrik Unterrichtsforum erscheinen Beiträge aus der Unterrichtspraxis Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF).

June 16, 1998

A. Excerpts from the constitution of the Canadian Association of Teachers of German

[36] THE EXECUTIVE. The Board of Directors shall elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer from its number who, together with the Past Chair and the Editor of Forum Deutsch, shall constitute the Executive Committee. All members of the Executive Committee shall be Directors of the Association and shall cease to be members of the Executive Committee if they cease to be Directors or if they are removed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

[44] PUBLICATION. Forum Deutsch is a publication for and on behalf of Canadian teachers of German on all levels of instruction. Published through the Canadian Association of Teachers of German, it is a collaborative publication of the Canadian Association of German Language Schools, the Canadian Association of Teachers of German, and the Goethe-Institut.

[45] The editorial team of Forum Deutsch shall consist of an Editor-in-Chief as well as delegates from collaborating organizations sponsoring the publication of Forum Deutsch and representing all levels of instruction. The four levels of instruction are: language schools, elementary to secondary institutions, post-secondary institutions, and Goethe-Institutes.

[46] The Editor-in-Chief of Forum Deutsch is selected by delegates from the organizations sponsoring the publication of Forum Deutsch. Their selection shall be presented to the Board of Directors for approval and shall be ratified by all sponsoring organizations.

[47] The Editor-in-Chief together with the editorial team shall have a free hand in editorial matters. However, proposals from the editorial team for substantial changes to the format and/or concept of Forum Deutsch shall be presented for approval to the Board of Directors.

[48] The funds for Forum Deutsch, consisting of financial contributions from the sponsoring organizations, shall be held in a sub-account of the Association. The Editor-in-Chief shall be responsible for the prudent management of these funds and shall present an annual financial report to the Association. Upon request, the sponsoring organizations shall have access to the financial records of the Forum Deutsch sub-account.

B. The mandate for Forum Deutsch

Mission. Forum Deutsch is a Canadian publication and, accordingly, will have a strong - but not exclusive focus - on teaching and learning German in Canada. But teaching and learning German cannot be seen in isolation from developments in other parts of the world (esp. in the United States and Europe) or from the teaching of other languages. For this reason, articles may also be accepted from contributors in other countries and teachers of other languages in Canada which, by the nature of their content, may be of generalizable interest to Canadians teachers of German.

Forum Deutsch has a broad readership and must therefore strive to satisfy the interests and needs of all groups of teachers. It is therefore inevitable that certain contributions may be of lesser interest and relevance to some teachers than other are, and that some articles may appear to be "too theoretical" and others "too classroom-oriented". Regardless, Forum Deutsch strives for excellence in the form and content of all contributions.

[...] Forum Deutsch is intended to distribute important and useful information of enduring value for thoughtful consideration, reference, and consumption in easily accessible form. While there may occasionally be some overlap in coverage, the perspectives presented will be quite different, and the editors will avoid the duplication of contributions unless there is a very good reason to have the same entry in both venues. [...]

The CATG is an organization of all teachers of German in Canada, and its publication, Forum Deutsch, must therefore serve all teachers of German. Reflecting the diversity of its reading clientele, Forum Deutsch seeks submissions from German language school teachers, teachers in English-German bilingual schools, in junior and senior high schools, and in the colleges and universities. Among them are (their sequencing does not necessarily indicate an underlying importance):

  1. descriptions of course materials and teaching/learning activities, projects, teaching tips, and ideas;
  2. presentations of a theoretical nature on issues in teaching and learning German language and culture with a view towards their applicability in the classroom;
  3. issues pertaining to professional development for teachers
  4. presentations of important new developments and phenomena in the German-speaking countries ("landeskundliche Information");
  5. reviews of textbooks at all levels;
  6. brief reports on the publication of resources of interest to the readership (e.g., textbooks, readers, AV- and CALL-materials);
  7. concise surveys of recent publications in other professional journals on the teaching and learning of German, with brief annotations;
  8. news and announcements of more long-term relevance as well as reports from the CATG and its sponsoring and membership organizations (announcements of events such as workshops [...]
  9. reports from the member organizations of the CATG about significant initiatives and activities that our colleagues across the country may find useful in their own work.