Anthony Bushell
Today German’s own position as a second language represents something of an enigma. As the largest l...
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Gender and Media: Course, Website, and Research Report Katrina Sark, University of Victor...
A Student Exchange with a 21st Century Urban Twist Ulrike Kugler, Goethe-Institut Toront...


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Dr. Rüdiger Mueller (University of Guelph, Kanada)
Dr. Chris Lorey (University of New Brunswick, Kanada)
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Dr. John Plews (St. Mary’s University, Kanada)
Dr. Manfred Prokop (University of Alberta, Kanada)
Dr. Caroline Rieger (University of British Columbia, Kanada)
Prof. Dr. Jörg Roche (Universität München, Deutschland)
Dr. Barbara Schmenk (University of Waterloo, Kanada)
Dr. Renate A. Schulz (University of Arizona, USA)
Dr. Johanna Watzinger-Tharp (University of Utah, USA)

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Dr. Cheryl Dueck (Altpräsidentin CATG)
Dr. Beate Gundert (KVDS)
Ron Rhodes (High Schools)


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Dr. Rüdiger Mueller (University of Guelph, Kanada)
Dr. Barbara Schmenk, (University of Waterloo, Kanada) 

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Eva Ledwig (Goethe-Institut Montreal) 


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